Artwork ‘DE BOOM’

A group of friends who call themselves the ‘New York Steppers’ have covered thousands of kilometres with the step over the past 33 years. These friends did this in order to raise money for various charities. In total, the New York Steppers collected more than 1.2 million Euros. The group of friends has stepped among others to Antwerp, Paris, London and even from Washington DC to New York.

To honour the good work of these close friends, Zina Geus has designed the artwork ‘The Tree’. In the metal tree, two steps can be found. You can find this artwork on a roundabout in Hoogvliet. In order to put this artwork in the spotlight, even when it is dark, Romar has used the REVO Inground LED fixture of CLS.

REVO Inground lit the art object in a subtle way from the ground. Because the fixture can be adjusted in its housing, Romar could easily achieve the correct exposure. The fixture is also very strong. The fixture has an IP67 rating and is therefore resistant to all weather conditions.

Used fixturesRevo Inground
Project byRomar

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