Audi Showroom

9 pieces CLS Miriam GII are used to lit the façade for the Audi showroom of car group Avenu in Almere. The Miriams are controlled by a CLS ACX 60. As a result, the showroom can be illuminated in any colour. To attract the attention of passers on the highway there is a colour change every two seconds.

As it was not allowed to attach fittings to the building itself, one choose for the compact RGB Miriam GII. Because of the strong beam, the building can be illuminated off the ground at a high distance. Especially for this application, Van Dalen installation designed a stainless steel housing to protect the fixture. The result is beautiful; the stylish cars get the attention they deserve.

Used fixturesMiriam GII (Replaced by Revo XL & XXL Series)
Led colour(s)RGB
Control methodDMX
Project forAudi Avenu

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