Bell Rock Hotel, Europa-Park

Europa Park, located in the Black Forest, in the border area of Germany, France and Switzerland, is not only Germany’s largest amusement park, it has also been awarded repeatedly as the best park in Europe. This summer, it has opened the brand-new Hotel, ‘Bell Rock.’ Fully themed in New England style, guests can immerse themselves in a true pilgrim- and explorer’s experience.

The maritime character of the building, with its tall columns and large surfaces, required a sophisticated lighting design, which had to be based on LED. CLS distributor Becker Lichttechnik has utilized the flexibility of the Revo system, combined with its unprecedented light output, to its maximum for this project. This allowed for the entire design to consist of an exclusive combination of Revo, Revo Compact and Revo Inground.

One of the requirements from Europa Park’s management was a very warm white light colour, in order to emphasize the feeling of hospitality. By combining 4 3000K LEDs with 4 amber LEDs per Revo Inground luminaire, a colour temperature of 2400K could be achieved without compromising the required light output. Several units of this special version have been applied on various locations throughout the hotel premises, of which most units were fitted with 8 degree super spot lenses. This allowed for surfaces between hotel room windows to be lit neatly, without disrupting guests’ night sleep.

At the hotel’s main entrance, a special combination was made with Revo Ingrounds under the columns in the configuration as mentioned above, with Revo Basic in cold white facing downwards from the ceiling. This creates a sense of depth, which draws arriving hotel guests to the main entrance in a more natural way.

Europa Park is pleased with the result and the many additional advantages that the Revo series has to offer. Maintenance of the fixtures is virtually unnecessary. Should a problem occur, though, internal components can be replaced fast and easy. This has certainly led to the decision to expand the hotel lighting scheme even further in the following months.

Used fixturesRevo Series
Led colour(s)3000K, Amber
Project byBecker Lichttechnik
Project forEuropa-Park

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