Canon of Dutch History

Recently, the exhibition Canon of Dutch History opened in the very famous Holland Open Air Museum in Arnhem. More than 200 museum objects, 25 interactive games, 67 multimedia projectors and 66 interactive touchscreen monitors are on display in this exhibition hall which is no less than 19 metres high and has a surface area of an astonishing 1900 m².

The result is an exceptionally interactive space that allows young and old to learn in a modern way about various aspects of Dutch history.

We are proud to inform you that CLS LED supplied most of the lighting for this exhibition.
Marc Heinz Light Design arranged the lighting design. The lighting implementation was realised by various parties, including lighting designer Rapenburg Plaza in Amsterdam and theatre lighting specialist Lichtpunt Theatertechniek.

Amongst fixtures used for the Canon of Dutch History exhibition are the CLS Sapphire Zoom, the CLS Focus Compact GII and the CLS Lina Clip HP.
Specifically for this project we developed a new type of snoot for the Focus series.

CLS’s core business is the continuous drive to design custom-built solutions at the request of lighting designers worldwide.
Please feel free to contact us anytime for specific solutions that best suit your wishes.

Used fixturesFocus Compact Spot GII, Lina Clip HP
Project byHeinzLoopstra Lightdesign, Rapenburg Plaza, Lichtpunt
Project forOpenluchtmuseum, Arnhem

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