Casino Batumi

CLS distributor ADL & Technics has already installed dozens of high profile projects in Georgia. Particularly in the seaside city of Batumi, many remarkable architectural buildings are completed every year. Due to a multi-year plan that was prepared by local authorities in cooperation with ADL and CLS, the city pursues a special look and feel for its buildings, combined with low costs of energy consumption and maintenance.

A good example of such a project is a recently opened casino. Despite the remarkable and luxurious look of the building and the impressive lighting scheme, the total power consumption of the fixtures is no more than 2.7 kW. Actual power consumption is even lower, as most colours are created by mixing 2 out of 3 primary LED colours in the fixture.

Besides the RGB version, a Tunable White version of the Revo is available. The Revo Tunable White offers the possibility to seamlessly program shades of white, which enables designers to adjust lighting schemes to the cycle of the seasons.

Used fixturesRevo ColourFlow DMX
Led colour(s)RGBA
Control methodDMX512
Project byADL & Technics

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