City Hall Middelburg

The city hall of Middelburg in The Netherlands is located at the Markt and is a city hall that was built in a late gothic style. The construction started in 1452 and was led by several generations of the Keldermans family, a family of architects that hailed from Mechelen. The building was completed in 1520. The city hall is known as one of the finest Medieval buildings in The Netherlands.

JANS Lighting Design from Amersfoort is specialized in the illumination of cultural heritage sites. They not only designed the light plans for monumental buildings, but also realized them for their clients. Light designer & co-owner Jeroen Jans continues to reach remarkably beautiful results.

The lighting of the city hall is part of a larger plan, through which landmark buildings in Middelburg are connected to one another by means of intelligent light concepts. This will highly benefit tourism in Middelburg.

For the illumination of the city hall, a variety of our products was used: Revo Micro, Revo Compact, Revo Basic, Revo Compact Inground and the Revo Inground. To realize the desired depth in the design and add the right accents to the lighting, several colour temperatures were used: 2700K, 3000K and also 4000K.

We would like to congratulate the municipality of Middelburg and thank JANS Lighting Design for the inspiring cooperation.

Used fixturesRevo Basic, Revo Compact Basic, Revo Micro Basic, Revo Inground, Revo Compact Inground
Led colour(s)2700K, 3000K, 4000K
Project byJANS Lighting Design
Project forGemeente Middelburg

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