De Heus

On the site of the former compound feed factory De Heus, they are working on creating a temporary place for the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Here a new, dynamic society will arise: a social, cultural and economic hot spot. Commissioned by the Bossche investment company, a number of sub-buildings of the complex are enlighted in an attractive way.

It seems almost impossible. The 19 meters high silos are illuminated with CLS REVO Basic fixtures. These fixtures, with a power consumption of only 20 Watts (70% less than a traditional bulb), are only 17,5 x 10 x 10 cm! The REVOs are equipped with 3000K warm white LED light sources and a 12º lens.

For subtle colour nuances, REVO Colour Flow DMX-8 fixtures are used. In this setting, a RGB-A LED configuration is used to create deep saturated colours. The REVO Colour Flow can also be supplied in a RGB-W or an AWB variant. Despite its small dimensions, both power and DMX electronics are fully integrated in the fixture.

On a number of walls, REVO Compact fixtures, equipped with deep blue LEDs, are used for a particularly warm blue enlighting. For more information about the LED fixtures, please click here on the pictures.

Used fixturesRevo Basic, Revo Compact Basic, Revo ColourFlow DMX
Led colour(s)3000K, RGBA, Blue
Control methodDMX
Project forBIM

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