Fashion Cities Africa

The latest theme exhibition in the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam is about African fashion. ‘The’ African fashion does not exist, there are different trends per area or even per city. The exhibition is therefore concentrated around the cities of Casablanca, Johannesburg, Lagos and Nairobi.

The Tropenmuseum is one of the largest museums in the Netherlands and is located in a beautiful monumental building. CLS has already delivered hundreds of Sapphire Zoom spots to the Tropenmuseum during the past years.

Marc Heinz from the Amsterdam office Marc Heinz Lichtontwerp was even part of the creation of a number of important innovations to the original design of the Sapphire Zoom.
For example, the Oval beam shaper, the accessory holder and the new Local Dim Superior were designed by CLS on the basis of specific exhibition requests for the Tropenmuseum by Marc.

Both the curators of the Tropenmuseum and lighting designer Marc Heinz are unanimously full of praise for both the colour reproduction as well as the homogeneity of the light beam of the Sapphire Zoom.

Used fixturesSapphire Zoom (Replaced by Jade Zoom)
Project byMarc Heinz
Project forTropenmuseum, Amsterdam

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