The Feengrotten Saalfeld are a renowned attraction. Hundreds of years ago, men have been searching for precious minerals and metals on a large scale and the natural cave complex has been expanded. After the closure, nature created in a miraculous way an enchanting environment through colourful stalagmites and stalactites.

Since 1914 the caves have been opened for visitors and exhibitions about the rise of the caves and life and work underground are organized.

Lighting artist Rolf Zavelberg of the company Aktivraum in Cologne was commissioned to modernize the lighting of the caves by means of a multiannual plan and to increase the experience by means of optimal lighting.

Mr. Zavelberg made use of, among others, the Revo Micro and the Revo Micro Inground. At the request of Mr Zavelberg, CLS has equipped the Revo’s with a LED light source with a CRI of no less than 95, so that the many colour shades in the caves are optimized to the maximum.

In addition to standard products, CLS produces many customizable solutions. We are pleased to accept your challenge as well, and we also create for you the most optimal light solution. We would to thank Gordon Axmann for the photos.

Used fixturesRevo Micro, Revo Micro Inground
Project byAktivraum
Project forFeengrotten

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