Hästens store

Recently, a new Hästens Store was opened at The Hague where the Dutch government is based.

The store exhibits the Hästens beds in an exceptionally attractive building. The building distinguishes itself by the height and the unique windows and generally fits well with the exclusive and high-quality character of the Swedish beds.

The bed combinations are brightened through the Jade Retail & Food fixtures. The Jade fixtures are equipped with the special 3000K 95 CRI LED modules for optimal displays of the white and blue house colours of the Hästens. During a shootout of 5 different available LED modules, the owner Freek Fidder, was surprised by the effect of the special LED module that is specifically designed for clothing and furniture.

Freek Fidder, owner Hästens Store:
“White is really white and the Hastens blue appears very deep and colour-fast.”

The Jade Retail & Food comes in a variety of designs and the designers can put together the ideal fixture for them online. With a guarantee of no less than 5 years and a distinct price tag, the Jade emerges as the ideal fixture for high-quality retail environments.

CLS wishes the Hästens Store at The Hague a lot of success.

Used fixturesJade Retail and Food
Led colour(s)3000K
Project forHästens Store Den Haag

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