Industrial Park Plaspoelpolder

Commissioned by the municipality of Rijswijk (The Netherlands), CLS dealer JHM Lighting has illuminated the former building of the ‘Haagsche Courant’ in a very special way. Main purpose for this is the revitalization of the industrial park, of which this building is the figurehead.

The superior light output of the Miriam RGB GII keeps surprising light designers everywhere. Not more than 12 pieces of Miriam RGB GII illuminate the entire building.

The maximum power consumption of this installation is only 1.2 kW, which is comparable to just 1 single traditional fixture.

Due to the many optical possibilities of the Miriam GII, it is possible to illuminate facades up to 50 meters.

Used fixturesMiriam RGB GII (Replaced by Revo XL & XXL ColourFlow Series)
Led colour(s)RGB
Project byJHM Lighting
Project forGemeente Rijswijk

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