Jansen Totaal Wonen

With a surface of over 15000 square meters, Jansen Totaal Wonen is one of the biggest players in the Netherlands when it comes to Living, Sleeping and Cooking. Divided over several locations, the company offers an extremely large and extended range of furniture, kitchens, bedrooms and accessories.

Just like CLS, Jansen Totaal Wonen is a real family company. Even members of the third generation of the Jansen family have already started to work in this fantastic family business!

The last couple of years, the company has been working very hard on sustainability. The implementation of high quality LED lighting has played a large role in this process – and continues to do so. Jansen Totaal Wonen is very conscious of the fact that illuminating their products in the right way is very important in the sales process. This is why there is a lot of attention for details, such as the right colour rendition with furniture and kitchen models.

Recently, the Happy@home formula was equipped with new lighting. A sophisticated lighting concept was used combining the Otis mirror fixture, the Otis Downlighter and the Jade C (ceiling mount).

Because of this combination of fixtures, only 4 fixtures are needed per furniture studio of 24-32 square meters. The fixtures are equipped with a 3000K LED module with a high CRI of >92.

The results are stunning. The colours of the displayed furniture are more than amazing and true to their nature. The lighting is clear, yet warm and welcoming, and both employees and customers enjoy the furniture department at Jansen Totaal Wonen. We wish the Jansen family lots of success!

Used fixturesJade C, Otis GII
Led colour(s)3000K
Project forJansen Totaal Wonen

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