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Recently, the bedroom department of Jansen Totaal Wonen has been equipped with new light. More than 200 existing fixtures with a total power consumption of 15.000 Watts were replaced by 160 pieces Emerald L 6 serie downlighters. With this new equipment, the total power consumption is only 4.160 Watts.

The direct savings in energy costs is no less than 10.84 kW per hour. In addition, it was soon very obvious that the new fixtures have a much lower heat output, which will result in much lower costs for climate management. Finally, it’s not necessary anymore to replace light sources every two years, which means considerable savings on replacement bulbs and labour costs.

CEO Henny Jansen “We went for the energy savings, but now it appears that the colours of both the beds and the sheets are looking much better. This is a very pleasant additional surprise. ”

The fact that the colours of the products are looking much better, is due to the fact that CLS is the only manufacturer worldwide who delivers Emerald downlights with a CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of 97!! This results in an exceptionally high quality colour rendering, far better than with PL, CFL or fluorescent light sources.

The Emerald is delivered with a 5 years warranty period.

Used fixturesEmerald L, Lina Clip DF
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