The medieval ‘Koppelpoort’ in Amersfoort is now lit by a new three dimensional light. The architectonic details of this special monument that dates from the year 1425, are now illuminated. JANS Lighting Design, an agency of architects, was in charge of the design and the realization. The local authority of Amersfoort assigned the task.

The unique building is a water gate, as well as a land gate and a land bridge. These features are accentuated in the lighting design. Respect for this monument was a leading feature in the design vision.

The REVO Basic and the REVO Inground are installed at ‘Koppelpoort’. They applied 2 colour temperatures of (warm) white light, the 2700K and the 3000K.

An extraordinary challenge was the possibility of explosives hidden in the building dating back to WWII, exactly where dolphins were used in the design to attach the fittings. Therefore, grips attached to the building were used to attach metal imitation dolphins, colored in the color of the already existing wooden masts.


Used fixturesRevo Basic, Revo Inground
Led colour(s)2700K, 3000K
Project byJANS Lighting Design | Photo's: Rob Acket
Project forGemeente Amersfoort

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