Kulturhus Jachtlust

Our fixtures are perfectly usable not only in cultural buildings, hotels, shops and theme parks, but also in office environments: this is certainly proven by the photos of the Kulturhus.

The company Intermontage signed for the design and realization of the entire interior, including new deviding walls, ceilings and decorations. The result is a warm pleasant office environment in which man is central.

Van Dalen Installatietechniek in Twello took care of the delivery and installation of the lighting installation. The lighting design was provided by Mr. Gerben Wolters of the company VDI.

In the office spaces the Ultima was used in a semi-built-up version. The Ultima is characterized by an extremely low UGR value of < 13. By applying the Ultima as a semi-built-up fixture, it offers the possibility to create a side glow effect, which offers a beautiful decorative effect.

Emeralds were used in the corridor zones. The Emerald is certainly not a standard downlighter. By means of 2 different front rings, the Emerald can be built into any existing installation hole ranging from 140 – 250 mm. With the help of optional Office lenses, a UGR < 11 can be realized for optimum working comfort.

Used fixturesEmerald Office, Ultima
Project byIntermontage, Van Dalen Installatietechniek, Gerben Wolters
Project forKulturhus Jachtlust

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