Kunstmuseum, Escher – Other world

With 160,000 works of art, the Kunstmuseum is one of Europe’s largest art museums. The museum has a leading collection of modern and contemporary fine art, fashion, and applied art. With artworks by the artists Mondrian, Monet, Picasso, Kandinsky, Sol Lewitt, Francis Bacon, Louise Bougeois and many others, a visit to this museum is a meaningful and unforgettable experience. Recently, the Art Museum opened a new exhibition, Escher – Other World. Beersnielsen was approached by the museum to design a lighting plan for the exhibition. This exhibition is created because it has been 125 years since Escher was born. In the exhibition, you will experience Escher’s work as never before. His famous prints are combined with spectacular installations by the Belgian architect and artist duo Gijs Van Vaerenbergh.

Based on the lighting requirements, fixtures from the latest Focus GIII Series were chosen. In this project, the fixtures were custom-made on pendants. In the ‘tessellation’ room, they were colour-matched by the art museum’s technical department. With a stepless zoom range of 10°-70° and an even beam with soft edges, the Focus is perfect for any application requiring precision lighting. An accessory holder and adjustable snoot ensure you get the perfect look for your space. The photos show how beautiful the result has become.

Photos: Johnny Umans

Photo 1: Picture room ‘Nature’ with installation ‘Reversed Landscape’ by Gijs Van Vaerenbergh and prints by M.C. Escher. Exhibition Escher – Other world

Photos 2 + 3: Picture room ‘Plane Fillings’ with installation ‘Tesselation Maze’ by Gijs Van Vaerenbergh and prints by M.C. Escher. Exhibition Escher – Other world

Used fixturesFocus GIII
Project byBeersnielsen
Project forKunstmuseum, Escher - Other world

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