In Oslo, the capital of Norway, a sculptures artwork named LocoMotion was realized by the designer agency PolyLester from Amsterdam. The magnificent sculptures are illuminated by CLS Revo IP67 Inground fixtures, which can be dimmed individually via Casambi.

This offers many advantages:

  • No special wiring is necessary.
  • No investments are needed in any controlling equipment.
  • The app is available as a free download in both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.
  • Extremely easy to control.

The Bluetooth receiving module is integrated in the fixture. For the Bluetooth wireless technique, CLS cooperates with the Finnish company Casambi, which is quickly starting to become the market leader in wireless Bluetooth control.

The realization of the illumination of the sculptures was carried out by CLS partner Lichtpunt, which is based in Groningen, The Netherlands.

More and more CLS armatures are equipped with wireless control options. Be sure to check out our website or contact your personal account manager to find out more about the many possibilities we could provide you with for your project.

Photographer: Istvan Vitag

Used fixturesRevo Inground
Control methodCasambi
Project byPolyLester, Lichtpunt

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