Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum in Rotterdam is an enormously varied museum, which fascinates visitors with countless facets of the maritime world in a particularly contemporary way. Please visit for information on exhibitions, activities and the collection.

After an extensive test procedure in which leading museum lighting brands were compared on a large number of criteria, CLS won this tender as well. Over 700 fixtures will be manufactured by CLS in three partial deliveries. Deliveries will be made by CLS partner Lichtpunt in collaboration with Van Lotringen Lighting.

The excellent quality of the light, the ability to quickly adjust the desired light beam and the ability to dim the light very deeply are among the reasons for choosing Focus HP T 230V. The Focus HP T 230V uses the unique CLS Magno Dim, whereby the dimming is set by means of a simple magnet.
This system takes a little more time to adjust than a traditional potentiometer, but the dimming range is much larger, with a maximum dimming of no less than 0.1%.

In the project, full use was made of the optional extension tubes, which allow the fixture to be placed at different heights from the rail. With the help of these modular extension pipes, it is possible to position the fixture as much as 120 cm lower than the rail.

On behalf of CLS, we wish the Maritime Museum much pleasure in its use in the coming years.

Photography: Mike Bink
Lighting advice: Leon Van Warmerdam Lichtpunt
Lighting design: Renz Klerks Maritime Museum Rotterdam

Used fixturesJade Zoom, Focus HP T 230V
Project byLichtpunt
Project forMaritime Museum

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