Museum Catharijneconvent

Museum Catharijneconvent is the state museum for the art and heritage of Christianity. It is at the same time a network museum and knowledge centre, with cooperation and knowledge development as important pillars. Museum Catharijneconvent manages the most important collection of art and cultural-historical objects of Christianity in the Netherlands. The museum has now embarked on a project where they will save energy and reduce their CO2 emissions, because they want to contribute to the environment. One way they are doing this is by switching to LED lighting.

The firms 50LUX and Lichtpunt devised a lighting plan for the Refter and Utrecht halls, where objects of various sizes could be highlighted.
Based on the requirements, it was decided to replace the more than 240 old halogen spotlights with 130 energy-efficient Jade Zoom fixtures.
With a zoom range of 9° to 67°, it is an ideal fixture for museum lighting.
The advanced optical system ensures uniform light quality, while the choice of LED light sources allows perfect matching to the lighting plan.

In addition, the operating system Casambi was chosen as it allows the museum to control the fixtures individually and in scenes.
With the new fixtures, the museum is able to give the halls different lighting modes at different times, so it does not always have to have all the lights on.
Think of necessary ‘running lights’ at times when the museum is still closed to the public, with only 2 or 3 fixtures on instead of all of them. This makes the museum more energy efficient and saves every day.
The photos show how the lighting beautifully highlights the art and cultural-historical objects.

Photos: Femke Lockefeer

Used fixturesJade Zoom
Control methodCasambi
Project by50LUX, Van Lotringen Lighting, Lichtpunt
Project forMuseum Catharijneconvent

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