Museum De Buitenplaats

You can find the Museum De Buitenplaats in Eelde. Visitors can expect a broad range of activities. The Outdoor place offers art, gardens, music, theatre, literature and historical and modern architecture. The goal of this museum is to make the visitors aware of the place of art, nature and architecture in our society. Another goal is to inspire people to think autonomously and free.

To display the attributes in this museum in the right way, LED fixtures of CLS were used. For this project the Sapphire was used. This track rail fixture is perfect for museums, galleries, shops and showrooms.

What’s special about the Sapphire series is that a broad range of configurations are possible: designers can pick from a wide range of colours for the the fittings, LED modules with a luminous efficiency of 4000 Lumen, several CRI values and different beam widths. Moreover, the Sapphire Zoom has an effective zoom reach of 8° to 50°!

Used fixturesSapphire Zoom (Replaced by Jade Zoom)
Project forMuseum De Buitenplaats

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