Museum Volkenkunde

The Museum Volkenkunde Leiden in the Netherlands is one of the oldest ethnological museums in the world. Its mission is to inspire people to look at the world and its people with an open view and by this, to develop a sort of global citizenship. The marvellous historical building is characterized by its enormous size: its circumference measures over 500 meters and its height is over 15 meters.

After many years of investigating and searching for the right, contemporary and energy efficient lighting solutions, the Museum Volkenkunde found its way to the top quality LED lights of CLS. Our company has subsequently helped them to find the right illumination in both white and colours.

To create the most optimal type of LED illumination for both short and longer distance (15 meters), we came up with a special lens configuration with no less than 3 different optics and various light opening angles per section of each fixture.

The fixtures all consist of 2 sections, each of them supplied with a white light 3000K module and an RGBA module. Thanks to the modular construction of the Revo series, they are able to create over 600,000 different configurations. No other IP67 fixture is able to deliver such enormous flexibility for both light designers and architects.

In areas where this special casing was not an option, we have applied CLS Revo Inground fixtures in RBGA and white. The standard setting of all illumination within the museum is warm white light. On special occasions, there is the possibility to illuminate the magnificent building in nearly every colour that is desired.

CLS would like to thank the Museum Volkenkunde and especially Mr. Rob Segaar and Ms. Letizia van Mastrigt for the wonderful cooperation that we have experienced during this whole project.

Used fixturesRevo Inground DMX, Revo XL Duo DMX ColourFlow
Led colour(s)RGBA
Control methodDMX512
Project forMuseum Volkenkunde

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