National Military Museum

We proudly present the first images of the National Military Museum (NMM), The Netherlands. The museum shows the meaning of the military forces for the society in the past, present and future. Many large objects, such as: Tanks, armoured vehicles, planes and helicopters are on display. The NMM takes visitors for a tour through the world of the army and tells personal and touching stories of soldiers and veterans. The museum was opened on the 11 of December 2014 by king Willem-Alexander.

CLS is very proud of the fact that CLS-fixtures were used for the illumination of many different objects. In total, about 3000 CLS-fixtures were installed. The client for this project was Bruns. Bruns is responsible for the engineering, production and realization of the exposition in the National Military Museum. Bruns is one of the leaders in the market of expositions, information centres, research centres and produces of prototypes and presentation models. The lighting design was made by Rapenburgplaza. CLS partner Ata-Tech realized the lighting installation.

Different CLS LED fixtures were used throughout the museum. 1700 fixtures of the Focus Track DMX were used in showcases in which, for example, the gun collection and other weaponry are being illuminated. Next to the Track-version of the Focus, numerous surface mounted Focus spots were placed.

Alongside all vehicles like the tanks, jeeps and planes, 900 modified Luxo 6 and almost 300 Lina HP (High Power) fixtures were placed. These fixtures are great for lighting these kinds of objects due to the extensive adjustment possibilities. In addition, the beam angle of each Lina HP is configurable by using different lenses. This allows each vehicle to be perfectly enlightened by choosing the right lens. The Lina HP is a very compact fixture with an extremely high light output of more than 4000 Lumen per meter.
Furthermore, Ultima and LON GII fixtures were used. All this was used to create an impressive and beautiful result!

Used fixturesUltima Series, LON GII Series, Focus HP Series, Lina Series
Control methodDMX
Project byRapenburgplaza, Ata-Tech
Project forNationaal Militair Museum

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