NEMO Science Museum

You can find the Science Center Nemo at Oosterdok 2 in Amsterdam. It is a special green, copper coloured building in the shape of a ship, just over the Ij-tunnel. Science Center Nemo is the largest Science Center in the Netherlands.

NEMO has a lot to offer for young as well as for older people. You can find for example on five floors several exhibitions, experiments, workshops and demonstrations. You can discover at NEMO how you sometimes see things that aren’t there or how thunder is created.

Besides science, you can find history related exhibitions at NEMO too. The exhibition ‘Science of all times’ shows a Museum of Enlightenment. The Enlightenment started in the 18th century and it focuses on knowledge. In this museum you can find drawings, books, scientific instruments, fossils and minerals of a rich man from Haarlem, named Pieter Teyler. Teyler was very interested in the Enlightenment because he valued art and science. After he died in 1784, the first Dutch museum was built with his legacy. Now you can find Teylers’ attributes in NEMO.

In order to present Teylers’ attributes in the right way, LED fixtures of CLS were used. In the display case the Focus Track DMX is used. Focus Track DMX is perfect to lighten up display cases in museums, galleries and shops. The Focus Track DMX has a variable adjustable luminous efficiency of 15° to 65°. Moreover, the fixture has a ’memory on board’ function. This function creates the possibility to memorize the dimming value. Besides that, the Focus Track DMX encounters the CLS Magno dim system too.

Used fixturesFocus HP T DMX
Control methodDMX
Project forNEMO Science Museum

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