Piet Zoomers

Piet Zoomers – A Celebration of Fashion – re-styled its stores in Arnhem and Hengelo (The Netherlands) with completely new interior and lighting. Piet Zoomers wanted its stores to be real eye-catchers in terms of appearance. Piet Zoomers also wanted a lighting concept which is ready for the future regarding energy and maintenance costs. Along with installation partner Van Dalen in Twello this fashion giant developed a lighting concept which only uses CLS-LED products.

Most important product in these stores is the REVO Track. This solid ‘Dutch Design’ product fits well in terms of appearance and quality of the Piet Zoomers shops.

Combined wih 3-phase rails, the REVO Retail is a complete and flexible lighting concept. This flexible system allows you, depending on the desired light output, to change the number and alignment of the spots. In this way the collection is always well lit . The LEDs of the REVO Retail is available in different white shades. In this case the warm white version (3000K) was chosen, which gives a very good result on the colours of the collection; even dark tones are well distinguishable. Also the shop-windows are very well lit by the REVO.

For the stylish fitting rooms Piet Zoomers has chosen a stylish fixture; the CLS Luxo 3. This product can be placed in several mounting plates, in which 1, 2, 3 or even 4 Luxo modules can be placed. This facilitates the proper light output for each project.

Piet Zoomers is certainly ready for the future as the REVO is very energy efficient and provides annual cost savings of 75% compared to the previously used traditional lighting. Piet Zoomers is very satisfied with the result and will equip its other stores with CLS-LED lighting in the near future.

Used fixturesRevo Series, Luxo Series
Led colour(s)3000K
Project byVan Dalen
Project forPiet Zoomers

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