Drawing on 300 years of tradition and yet relevant to the present day as well: porcelain is as aesthetically pleasing as any other product. It reveals a lot about the lives of people in different times, especially their dinner tables and culinary cultures. All these fascinating aspects of porcelain are presented with a great deal of passion and expertise at the two branches of the Porzellanikon – the State Museum of Porcelain.

Porzellanikon in Selb is located in a 1969 disused former Rosenthal factory. With powerful chimneys and a castellated design, this building complex acts as a built labyrinth. An amazing architectural feature of this branch of the Porzellanikon is that six of the ten formerly existing powerful circular furnaces and can be walked in and on. Situated in an historic building, the former Rosenthal factory stands today as a way of telling the history of the Rosenthal company and its products.

A special highlight is the Rosenthal exhibition, which after extensive renovations this summer – was reopened and restored in Selb.
In cooperation with the planning office PS-studio planning of Biberach, the curators have chosen the use of CLS Focus T 230V for the lighting of high quality exhibits and the CLS Ultima Gallery for lighting the entire display cases.

In addition to the high color rendering index (a CRI greater than 95), an important factor in this decision to choose the CLS Focus was also the precision zoom function and the ability to dim each lamp individually by the advanced CLS Magno dimming system. This was used to to overcome the sometimes very short distance between the light and the exhibit inside the showcases. In addition, the exhibits are very different in size, making the accurate zoom systems Focus an indispensable tool for the museum designer.

Sebastian Schröter from PS-planning studio states, “… The Ultima series of CLS are renowned for their flexibility.
They offer both rail, surface and bracket versions. These can be varied further with the use of five beam angles and four colour temperatures. The quality of light is with a CRI of > 95 up to our high quality standards. ”

Used fixturesUltima Track, Focus HP T 230V
Control methodCLS Magno Dim
Project byPS Planungsstudio
Project forPorzellanikon

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