RAF Barber

Shadow-free light is essential for hairdressers. As least as important is with no doubt a good colour reflection. But often various pieces of PL or fluorescent fixtures are installed in barber shops with lack of knowledge. This results in a severely inadequate colour reproduction.

At RAF hairdressers the owner was well aware of the importance of proper lighting. Raf Janssen is not just an ordinary barber. For many years, he was an ambassador of several well-known hair care brands, and he has been working in that capacity in national and international shows.

In his new barber shop, the ceiling in only 2.25 meters high, which would easily create shadows when using other lighting solutions. With a light opening angle of 120º, together with an extraordinary colour rendering (CRI>92), the employees have a perfect light to work in. For this reason, Raf is very satisfied, and CLS is pleased with this particular application of its product.

The CLS Lina Diffused serie is available in both a build-upon version Clip and a pendulum version Suspended.

Used fixturesHylo Compact, Lina Clip DF
Project forRAF Kapper

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