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Reedijk Wonen in Strijen is a real family company, with over 130 years of experience in the field of furniture and interior decorating. Reedijk Wonen is established in a building with stunning architecture. The store offers no less than 10,000 m2 of beautiful modern furniture collections for the entire home. Within the large furniture and home decoration store, a grand total of 10 different brands can be found.

Owner Arie Reedijk knows the great importance of using the right lighting in and around his store. Before he finally made the switch to LED lighting, he has used demo fixtures from various light suppliers. However, these were not able to create the desired visual experience, because the light output was either too low or the colour rendition wasn’t quite right.

The CLS lighting experts then offered to supply two furniture studios with a free of charge lighting setup. Owner Arie Reedijk and CLS director Peter van Workum experimented with various light colours to find the ideal combination of fixtures types and optics. CLS offers 6 different light colours for the furniture business, so there were plenty of options to try out. The result of these experiments was the fact that a good furniture composition of around 30 m2 now only needs 154 Watts of energy!

On the pictures you can see an impression of the kitchen department, equipped with the Jade C. In the meantime, the first 1000 m2 of the furniture departments have been supplied with CLS LED lighting. A combination of the Otis mirror fixture, the Otis downlighter and again the Jade C, has been used.

Used fixturesOtis Series, Jade Series
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