Rijnwaal path

By appointment to the city councils of Arnhem and Nijmegen and especially to the Lingewaard municipality, CLS has recently accepted the responsibility to provide the design and production of a unique light-based artwork. In doing this, CLS translated the design of Ateliereen architects from Eindhoven into a specific technical solution The Rijnwaal cycle path is a so-called fast-cycling route that connects the cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen. Cyclists can now directly and safely bridge the distance between both cities.

The light-based artwork consists of 300 interconnecting elements in the form of bicycle chain links. Every module of the light-based artwork can individually show countless shades of light in different intensities. Even under the brightest daylight conditions, the light is clearly noticeable.

Incoming cyclists or pedestrians are detected via sensors at both ends of the tunnel. Depending on the amount of people in the tunnel, different light mood programs are shown.

A completely unique aspect of the project is the implementation of an APP, with which the users of the tunnel can earn points, which they can use to influence the colours of the light-artwork.

Special attention was paid to limiting damage caused by vandalism. For this purpose, all metal elements are provided with an anti-graffiti coating. In addition, all led modules are equipped with a 1,5 cm shockproof polycarbonate, protecting them from heavy battering.

Just a few weeks after the commissioning, it is clear that the new colourful artwork makes pedestrians and cyclists feel more comfortable while using the tunnel.
As a medium-sized manufacturer, CLS is always interested in extraordinary projects, as such projects often lead to new, innovative solutions which customers all over the world can benefit from.

We invite you to challenge us.

Used fixturesCustom fixtures
Led colour(s)RGB
Control methodCustom app
Project byAteliereen Architects
Project forMunicipalities Arnhem, Nijmegen & Lingewaard

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