Sculpture Gallery

Thanks to many years of dedicated work by a number of art enthusiasts, the city of Haarlem in the Netherlands may now add another beautiful art gallery to its list. The Beeldengalerij, which can be translated as the Sculpture Gallery, hosts an interesting collection of contemporary outdoor art.

The theme “Recycling of Circular Thinking” became a real inspiration for a variety of Dutch artists in their creation of marvelous objects.

Light designer Floriaan Ganzevoort recommended CLS for the illumination of this project, because of our tremendous experience with museums all over the world. We are always very enthusiastic about projects that help cities to shine brighter and thus we were very thrilled to take part in the Beeldengalerij project.
Every single object was equipped with two Revo IP67 Inground fixtures. Because of the many different opening angles of the Revo Inground and their ability to position light beams both horizontally and vertically, they were the perfect choice for the illumination of the sculptures, even though all objects differ greatly in both size and shape.

We wish the city of Haarlem and especially the people who took the initiative for the Beeldengalerij (Hetty Raams, Annemarie van Leeuwen, Lex Rietveld and Jaap van Zetten) a great future in which they will be able to enjoy the gallery in the best possible lighting.

For more information about the Revo IP67 series, please contact your local CLS distributor.

Used fixturesRevo Inground
Project byFloriaan Ganzevoort
Project forBeeldengalerij

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