Stadsarchief Amsterdam

The city archive in Amsterdam has a collection of 50 kilometres of archive and is therefore the historical documentation center of the city of Amsterdam. The archive contains a historical topographical collection with millions of cards, drawings, prints, a library and many sound-, film- and photo archives.

To present this large archive in a coherent way, LED fixtures from CLS were used. In the city archive Focus Track 230V and Ultima Track were used.

You can adjust the Focus Track 230V fixture in many variations, therefore it is very attractive. The Focus T 230V has a variable adjustable light angle of 15° to 65°. Moreover, it has a range of different colour temperatures. In short, the Focus Track 230V is a multi-faceted and energy friendly LED fixture.

You can use the Ultima Track, just like the Focus Track DMX, in many variations. This makes the Ultima Track attractive because it can be used in many situations. The Ultima Track has a beam width of 8° tot 60°. Therefore, it is suitable for low, as well as for high ceiling rooms.

Used fixturesFocus HP T 230V, Ultima Track
Project byRapenburg Plaza, photo's: Jeffrey Steenbergen
Project forStadsarchief Amsterdam

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