Water tower

The water tower in Tiel is a municipal monument that was taken in use as a private home by September 2016.

The tower is not less than 35 meters high and is in its entirety illuminated with only 8 pieces REVO Inground in the Amber color.

The REVO Ingrounds are equipped with 8° optics. It seems almost impossible, but the REVO Inground has a power consumption of only 20 Watts per fixture. The total capacity of the installation is only 160 Watts! The incredible result is due to a combination of particularly high-quality optics in combination with an extremely efficient heat sink and the use of the latest generation of PC amber LEDs. In addition to the used 20 Watt version, 10 and 5 Watt versions are available as well. These are also characterized by a particularly high light output.

The installation was supplied by CLS partner, Beco Technics in Zeeland.

Used fixturesRevo Inground
Led colour(s)Amber
Project byBeco Technics

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