Wodan Rollercoaster, Europa-Park

Europa-Park, Germany’s biggest themepark, has recently opened its new wooden rollercoaster. ‘Wodan’ is the first ‘Timburcoaster’ for the park. Nevertheless, specifications are mind-boggling: 1.050 meters of track, a height of 40 meters, a top speed of more than 100 km/h and G-forces up to 3.5 G! The ride also crosses two other tracks of adjacent attractions, which results in an extra thrilling experience.

With such dimensions, creating a lighting design was a challenge in itself. After several experiments by CLS distributor Becker Lichttechnik in close cooperation with Europa-Park, a combination of the Revo Modular and ColourFlow proved to be the best choice.

The Revo Modulars were fitted with amber LEDs, which really gives character to the wooden structure. The impressive round framework with a height of 35 meters is no problem for the light output of the Revo fixtures due to 8˚ lenses. The technical staff of the park also preferred the Modular above the basic version of the REVO because of the powerlink connectors, which make it possible to link up to 25 units in a daisy chain. It also offers service personnel the possibility to easily dismount the fixture in the case that a malfunction should ever occur. The unit can then be serviced in the safe environment of a workshop, without the need to temporarily shut down the roller coaster.

The immense wooden framework is also illuminated from within with ColourFlow fixtures. Changing the colours continuously, results in a contrasting glow behind the amber light from the REVO’s, a combination which brings the structure to life.

Used fixturesRevo Series
Led colour(s)Amber, RGBW
Control methodDMX
Project byBecker Lichttechnik
Project forEuropa-Park

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