You can find us in Groningen and Goes on the following dates:

  • 17th and 18th of March in Groningen – Booth C07
  • 30th of March in Goes – Booth B18

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> Advantages of LED lighting in churches

Good lighting enhances the architecture of churches, ensures safely lit paths, and enables literature (hymnals, prayer books, notices) to be easily read. In addition, high-quality LED is energy efficient, and maintenance is kept to a minimum. Our specialist can tell you more about this during the coming church exhibitions.

> 17th + 18th of March in Groningen

> 30th of March in Goes

 CLS has a wide range of LED fixtures to illuminate all elements in your church in such a way that the details are outstanding.


The advantages of CLS fixtures:

> Energy-efficient, LED lighting is a cost-saving choice

> Event lighting, all colours of LED lighting are possible, making regular lighting also suitable for special events.

> A wide range, so our fixtures can be used to illuminate the organ, art, the pulpit and the choir, as well as the exterior.

> A modular design, which allows us to manufacture a suitable solution for every application.

> Dimmable, without additional cabling or equipment.

> Made in the Netherlands, so we can guarantee high quality and fast delivery.

Want to see the possibilities you can create with LED lighting?

View our projects, such as the Onze Lieve Vrouwetoren in Amersfoort, or the Sint Urbanus church in Amstelveen

> Light consultant Erik Elings

Friday 17, and Saturday 18 March you can find CLS light consultant Erik Elings at booth C07 at the church exhibition in Groningen. He will be happy to tell you more about the various options that CLS fixtures offer.

CLS fixtures enhance the architecture, LEDs are available in all colours, are energy efficient, and require little maintenance. With LED lighting as a basis, the church can become a multifunctional space.

Erik has years of experience in making light plans and knows the requirements for church illumination. Whether you are looking for functional white light, event lighting, or a combination of both, he can advise the best solution for your application.

Do you want to make sure that Erik has time to discuss the possibilities for your church with you?

Send him a message to schedule an appointment to Erik.Elings@cls-led.com 

If you are not going to the Exhibition in Groningen, but would like to discuss the possibilities for your church, you can send Erik an email, or you can find him in Goes on March 30th.


Lighting without additional cabling: Casambi

It is often undesired to install extra cabling in historic buildings. CLS offers operating systems where this is not necessary. The most commonly operating system used in churches is Casambi via Bluetooth.

This system can be controlled wirelessly via a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth on a secured network. As a result, the lighting subtly blends into the room, and because it is secured you can only change it with the device connected to the fixtures.

Casambi can be used with all colours of LED lighting, and changes the appearance of a room in seconds. Dimming is also easily done with Casambi. When you have events quickly after another, and need to set a different light setting, you can do it with the same fixtures. 

High ceilings, vaults, walkways, and special places such as the pulpit, art or the choir, are highlighted, and retain their striking appearance.

Want to know more about Casambi, or other solutions for your church? Read more on our churches page.


Event-lighting in Churches: ColourFlow

Churches are more and more often rented out for various applications. Concerts, conferences, meetings, various options, each with its own lighting requirements.

Most of our fixtures can create functional white light and coloured light, from warm subtle white light to exuberant colours. You can connect the lighting to the event without needing to purchase or rent special fixtures.

You can also choose from various controls, including an easy-to-use wireless control with Casambi, which can be operated via a smartphone or tablet. By combining regular white light and coloured light, your location is ready for services as well as special celebrations or concerts with one solution.

Want to know more about (event)-lighting, or the solutions for your church?

Friday March 17th and Saturday, March 18th, CLS lighting consultant Erik Elings will be at the church exhibition in Groningen. Visit him at our booth C07, or send a message to Erik.Elings@cls-led.com to schedule an appointment to discuss the possibilities.

Or read more on our churches page.

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