Ruby Pendant Track Tunable White

The Ruby is a versatile and adaptable lighting fixture that is perfect for any space. With tunable white lighting, you can adjust the light to suit your needs at any given time, making it a great option for circadian lighting in theatres, museums, churches, atriums and workspaces.

  • Max. 90 Watt

> Information

Unique lighting opportunities & concepts are now possible with the Ruby Tunable White Series.

Tunable White

Tunable white lighting is a type of lighting that can be adjusted to different temperatures. In this case, ranging from 1800-4000K, and 2700-6500K. This allows for a more versatile lighting experience, as you can change the light to suit your needs at any given time. You can use tunable white lighting for circadian lighting in workspaces and homes, as well as for special effects in for example retail and hospitality settings. Human centric lighting has been shown to improve well-being, productivity, and sleep quality, so it’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing tunable white lighting for their projects. If you’re looking for a versatile lighting solution that can be tailored to your needs at any time, tunable white lighting is a great option.

Typical applications

The applications are numerous. Concert halls, theatres, showrooms, museum & galleries, event centres, churches, atriums and all other spaces where one wants to have functional white light with the possibility of changing the colour temperature in order to change the atmosphere by using an architectural design fixture.

Direct DMX 512 control of light intensity and colour temperature

Choose between:
> Full analogue dimming
> Hybrid dimming
> PWM dimming


Number of DMX channels needed per LED colour

Number of DMX channels needed
LED colour 1 2 3 4
Single colour
Tunable White
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Led colours




Control methods


> Specifications

TypeRuby Pendant Track Tunable White, Pendant spot
ColourBlack or white
Weight3500 gram

Optics16º | 49º | 63º
Light sourceCLS Dynamic Colour COB
LED colours1800K-4000K | 2700K-6500K

Power consumptionMax. 90 Watt
Power supply80~264 VAC
DriverDriver included | Driver internal
DimmingDMX512 | DMX Analog dimmable | DMX Hybrid dimmable | PWM dimmable
Cable length200cm - 800cm

IP ratingIP 20
Protection class1

Lifetime50.000 hours
Warranty5 years

AccessoriesReflectors with different beam angles, honeycomb louvre
Ruby Pendant Track Tunable White DMX controlled fixtures in black and white