20 Watt design downlighter.

Typical applications
All possible applications where users want to save on both energy- and maintenance costs by implementing a pure Dutch Design & Made high quality LED Lighting system.

Recessed and semi surface mounted usage
The Ultima can be installed both as recessed and semi- surface mounted downlighter.

Side glow light emitting possibilities
When choosing the transparent backplate, the Ultima offers the possibility for a decorative side glow effect in combination with the use as a functional downlighter.

Very low UGR values for optimum comfort
Due to the shape of the front the Ultima offers an extremely low UGR value of < 13.
This value ensures unmatched visual comfort for working conditions in offices.

Choice of not less than 5 different beam angles

All possible dimming methods available

Fixture configurator

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    miniature surface mounted lighting with zoom in black and white