50% of energy savings and a more pleasant environment for Auping Amersfoort

This summer, Auping Amersfoort has been equipped with new CLS Sapphire rail fixtures.

With a power consumption of only 35 Watts, the savings are exactly 50% compared to the CDMT 70 Watt fixtures that previously hung in the store.

Much more important is the improvement of the climate in the store. The heat generation with the CLS LED fixtures is much less than with the old CDMT fixtures. Both employees and visitors experience the climate as being much more pleasant. As a result of this, the customers feel that testing the beds for making the right choice is less bothersome.

Another great advantage is the much better colour rendering of the CLS Sapphire fixtures. The fixtures are equipped with a special LED module with an extremely high CRI (Colour Rendering Index) in order to achieve a perfect colour rendering of the present beds, duvet covers and accessories. It should be clear that this helps the consumers to come to a well-considered decision and helps to prevent the risk of ambiguities with regard to colour.

The 60 Sapphire fixtures are equipped with a black snoot. The snoots help to reduce glare for the consumers in the bedding store.

CLS helps retailers worldwide to achieve a better presentation of their products. Better presentation is selling more!

At the end a good investment by Auping Amersfoort, with focus on the future through sustainability and quality.

Used fixturesSapphire (replaced by Jade Series)
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