Chassé Theatre

With a capacity of 2500 seats, the Chassé Theatre is one of the largest theatres in the Netherlands. Besides a theatre hall, the Chassé complex contains a couple of cinema halls, a restaurant and a large foyer.

Recently, the largest hall has been provided with new lighting. Next to the downlighters CLS Ultima and Luxo 3, the Ultima B has been used. The Ultima B (bracket) is a special edition of the Ultima and has been equipped with a bracket in order to make easy adjustmenst to the fixture. The whole lighting setup is dimmable via DMX, using the CLS LDC-41 DMX dimmers.

The height of the hall is an impressive 15 meters, which proved to be no problem for the Ultima’s. Using only 20 Watt per fixture, this was a huge difference compared to the old 150 Watt halogen lamps. The old situation resulted in a combined energy consumption of 10.108 Watt. After the upgrade to the CLS Ultima and Luxo 3 fixtures, the energy consumption dropped with 75% to only 2458 Watt.

Next to the savings on energy costs, the projected savings on maintenance were also considerable. The expection is that it won’t be necessary to change any lamps for the next 20 years. With a ceiling height of 15 meters, this was an appreciated advantage of the new LED lighting.

Used fixturesUltima, Luxo 3
Led colour(s)3000K
Control methodDMX512
Project byTimo Verhoeven
Project forChassé Theatre