DCO Petrol Station

Worldwide, the CLS Ultima is installed more and more as an attractive alternative to traditional downlights and fluorescent lighting. At its introduction, the Ultima was mainly seen as a beautiful design fixture for projects that required a luxurious look. Meanwhile, consultants worldwide are also particularly excited about its photometric properties and the Ultima also finds its way to many office- and retail projects.

Lighting consultant GerbenWolters applied the Ultima to the full service petrol station on the pictures below. Store employees experience the light as much more pleasant than the fluorescent lighting from the past and as can be seen on the pictures, the quality of the light does much more justice to the colour of the interior and the products on display. In addition to the recessed Ultima, a number of surface mounted versions were installed, as well as CLS Luxo 3 & CLS Luxo 6 fixtures.

Due to the many configuration options of the Ultima it is possible to perfectly integrate the fixtures into almost any interior.

The light of the Ultima offers a very high level of comfort. With a UGR value below 13, the fixture design reduces glare to an absolute minimum. The Ultima has a specially selected LED light source, with a unique combination of the base colours present, resulting in a very bright and pleasant colour rendition.

Unlike PL- and fluorescent light sources, the Ultima fixtures allow for various easy dimming options.

Used fixturesUltima, Luxo 3 Basic CoB
Project byGerben Wolters
Project forDCO Voorst

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