De Oosterpoort

CLS and its partner Lichtpunt have had the tremendous honour of supplying all public areas at the Oosterpoort Groningen with a new system of illumination. The Oosterpoort, in the north of the Netherlands, is one of the largest cultural centres of the Netherlands and consists of multiple halls, the largest of which holds a capacity of 1150 people. The maximum capacity of the whole Oosterpoort venue is 3000 people. Light advisor Timo Verhoeven came up with a special light plan, in which he incorporated both the Jade RGBW and the Ruby RGBW.

The use of these armatures enables the creation of a great number of ambiances, from warm white 2700K lighting to the most wonderful pastel colours and many other nuances. Employees can use iPads to control the lighting and adjust the settings in the various areas and halls of the Oosterpoort. The whole building is controlled by a KNX system, and system specialist Jeffrey Steenbergen of JST Design & Production took care of the connections and links between the signals of the KNX system and the DMX signal of the CLS Jade ColourFlow and Ruby ColourFlow.

While budgetting, the team discovered that replacing the existing 900 meters of railing by a new data rail system would mean a large increase in the total costs, an increase that would be too massive for the available budget.
This is why CLS and its partner Lichtpunt started to investigate the possibility of a completely wireless control system at the Oosterpoort. The stability of the signal transfer over larger distances, with great numbers of visitors using their cell phones, was key. After various measurements at different activities, including the use of the venue by the maximum amount of visitors, we were able to conclude that a stable data signal was indeed possible. By using the Wireless DMX control system, we were able to save no less than 20% of the total budget.

Overall, the Oosterpoort is now using 396 Jade Colour Flow armatures, which are controlled by Wireless DMX. All armatures are equipped with a snoot, to avoid people looking in. Furthermore, 170 armatures are supplied with a CLS Beam shaper, which enables an easy change in light beam size.
We would like to thank the management of the Oosterpoort for their trust and confidence in us and wish them many pleasant years with our CLS lighting. We also want to express our gratitude to Lichtpunt and JST Design & Production for another great cooperation. The photos show you various lighting settings, which can easily be changed to create the right ambiance.

Used fixturesJade ColourFlow, Ruby ColourFlow
Led colour(s)RGBW
Control methodWireless DMX
Project byLichtpunt, JST Design & Production
Project forTheatre De Oosterpoort

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