De Pijp

‘De Pijp’ is located in the centre of historic Groningen and is a monumental chimney over 100 years old. The 40-metre high chimney was lit with three 400 watt HQI fixtures. However, Lichtpunt has replaced this lighting with nine Revo Basic, with a power of only 20 watts, which reduces energy consumption in the new situation by as much as 85%! In addition, the Revos are configured so that stray light (light pollution) is limited to a minimum, while the tower is better illuminated. To achieve this, the lower half of De Pijp was illuminated with elliptical lenses of 12°x 46° and the upper half of the chimney with 8° lenses.

Used fixturesRevo Basic
Project byLichtpunt Theatertechniek | Photo's: Roelof Bos

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