Hästens Store

Recently a new Hästens store opened its doors in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. The brand Hästens guarantees the most exclusive sleeping pleasure. The handmade beds of Hästens are known for their quality and their use of only natural materials.

Hästens beds are often referred to as the best beds in the world. To show these quality products in the best way, presentation is very important. Lighting is responsible for a large part of the presentation, to ensure that the colour reproduction of the displayed beds are naturalistic. The CLS Sapphire has an amazing Colour Rendering Index of 97 (CRI).

After earlier great experiences with CLS fixtures in other stores, this Hästens dealer chose the CLS Sapphire track armatures without hesitation.

The Sapphires are provided with an optional snoot to reduce anti-glare to an absolute minimum.

CLS wishes Hästens Amersfoort a lot of success!

Project forHästens Store Amersfoort

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