The Kloveniersdoelen is a wonderful medieval building that dates back all the way to 1607. The stunning building is currently home to a number of different venues, such as a grand café, a cinema, a conservatory and a large garden terrace.

The city of Middelburg has recently undergone an amazing transformation and is now more appealing than ever! Within this transformation, various disciplines were used, such as the application of the most innovative types of illumination. The Kloveniersdoelen is one of the buildings that was equipped with wonderful new lighting, which was provided by CLS partner JANS Lighting Design. Light designer Jeroen Jans has once again come up with an amazing piece of art.

For this project of illuminating the Kloveniersdoelen, Jeroen used a combination of various models from the well-known REVO series, one of the world’s leading IP67 spotlight series. The windows are illuminated from the inside, using the Lina Clip series. This Lina Clip is perfectly suited for the illumination of regular windows as well as multi coloured stained-glass windows. The colours and patterns are marvellously highlighted through our lighting solutions.

Thanks to the unique adjustable system, the light beam can be fine-tuned extremely well. This means that you can use our illumination solutions for practically every purpose and virtually any way you want. The Lina Clip offers you no less than 6 different opening angles and is thus an excellent solution for all your challenges in the field of illumination.

Used fixturesRevo Basic, Revo Micro Basic, Revo Inground, Lina Clip HP
Project byJANS Lighting Design
Project forGemeente Middelburg

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