Private villa

This villa is located in Portugal. Chainlight was responsible for the lighting design. The assignment for Chainlight was to illuminate the garden and the house in such a way that the whole is clearly visible and retains its luxurious appearance in the evening as well. To achieve this, LED fixtures from CLS are used.

The Revo Micro Inground fixture provides the accents on the building and the terrace. The fixture has an IP67 rating, making it resistant to all weather conditions.

The Revo Basic is also applied. In this project, the Revo Basic provides the emphasis on the trees and shrubs.

At the entrance to the house, HYLO up/down fixtures are used. These LED fixtures provide a luxurious look at the entrance to the villa.

Used fixturesRevo Micro Inground, Hylo, Revo Basic, Hylo Up or Down
Project byChainlight

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