Shopping Centre Molukkenstraat

The owner of the Molukkenstraat shopping centre wanted a more beautiful appearance for its shopping centre and, if possible, a conformity in lighting the windows of the various stores, because they had a too dark inside view. This also is shown from the photo that has been taken during the day when CLS-lighting is not enabled.

Due to the optimal placement of the CLS Emerald downlighters, both the walking areas in front of the shops and the windows are now perfectly illuminated. This is due to the extremely wide opening angle of the Emerald, with an opening angle of no less than 83°! Because of the wide opening angle, the distance between the fixtures can also be wide, with the result that only 52 Emeralds were needed to illuminate the entire shopping centre.

To illuminate the present trees and bushes on the car park, Revo and Revo Inground are used.

The overall result is particularly beautiful, and this with only a relatively small investment.

If you want to decorate your property or area in an architectural way, please contact us, and we will introduce you to a local CLS partner.

Used fixturesRevo Basic, Revo Inground, Emerald M

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