In the areas around Lisse, Noordwijk and Hoofddorp, Slaapkenner Lisse is known as the sleep expert that works with the customer to find the perfect sleeping solution! Slaapkenner Lisse has been providing its customers with the right sleep advice for more than 40 years. Since November 2020 Slaapkenner Lisse has been using our high-quality LED fixtures, with the desired result!

The following CLS fixtures were used at Slaapkenner Lisse:
The Jade S by mounting in a 3-phase rail, while the Jade Bolt, Ruby Pendant and the Otis downlighter were mounted in the existing cable duct. In addition, the Mika and the Otis Mirror fixture were used in the suspended ceiling. A beautiful combination of various CLS fittings!

CLS now has a very extensive collection of fixtures for the living world, A large number of the fixtures were developed in cooperation with its customers. The lighting has clearly been developed on the basis of practical requirements.

The light colour chosen is a 2700 Kelvin light source with a CRI of ≈92. The light colour was determined in consultation with the owner of Slaapkenner Lisse by means of a demo on location. “The warm light colour in combination with the sleek appearance and superior colour rendering of the fixtures gives our shop a perfect look”, says the owner of Slaapkenner Lisse.

CLS fixtures are developed and produced entirely in the Netherlands; due to the large production numbers, the prices are very competitive. We offer a full 5-year warranty. In addition, our experienced lighting consultants draw up free lighting plans for showrooms of 500 m2 or more. You can even make use of our “setting service” whereby an experienced lighting consultant optimally adjusts the fixtures to your specific set-ups.

CLS has fitted out dozens of furniture shops in recent years to the complete satisfaction of both the entrepreneurs and the sales staff. We can provide you with references and would be pleased to come and tell you about the possibilities for your company, without any obligation on our part.

Used fixturesJade Series, Mika Series, Ruby Series
Led colour(s)2700K
Project forSlaapkenner Lisse

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