Stadthalle Bielefeld

The Stadthalle Bielefeld is the stage for many national and international concerts, conferences and many other events. The large hall has a capacity of 2,200 people and is no less than 18 metres high. Therefore, CLS was challenged to create a lighting solution capable of generating high-quality warm white light (3000K) with a CRI of 90 and a minimum of 500 Lux at the height of 80 cm.

All this had to be combined with an RGB section for the desired effect lighting, so we designed a completely new luminaire. The optimized cooling is so efficient that a fan is no longer necessary, resulting in an entirely silent and low-maintenance luminaire. Thanks to the modular mounting options, it was possible to reuse the mounting points already present in the room.

The rooms within the Stadthalle Bielefeld are used for various purposes so that the lighting has to meet the applicable standards for offices. That is why we have provided a solution that guarantees high-quality white light in the long term.

Instead of creating white light using a large number of RGBW LEDs, CLS has opted for a solution in which a single, powerful white light source is surrounded by a cluster of RGB modules. Initially, this arrangement for coloured light was intended as a ‘mid air’ effect, but in practice, it turned out that the 10 Watt RGB modules are optically very effective. It is even possible to illuminate the floor, 18 metres lower, in almost any desired colour.

The RGB part can also be used to adjust the colour temperature of the white light source entirely as desired. For more information on the Krypton series, click here.

We would like to thank our German partner, Werning Theatertechnik, and Mr Kwoka, and Mr Van Bracht of the Stadthalle Bielefeld for the warm cooperation we experienced within this challenging project.

Used fixturesKrypton
Led colour(s)RGB + W
Control methodDMX
Project byWerning Theatertechnik
Project forStadthalle Bielefeld

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