‘T Zicht

Healthcare group ‘t Zicht provides care, housing, activities and work for (young) people who suffer from autism, a mental disorder or other restrictions. This takes place in the former Benedictine monastery in Oss, The Netherlands. In the monastery there is a chapel, which is currently used for many purposes. There are receptions, business meetings, Christmas parties, but it is also possible to book this room for weddings and corporate events. A good reason to use LED fixtures to illuminate the room properly and, if desired, show it in beautiful colours.

With HVR Show Equipment, a lighting design was made which takes into account that the chapel is used for many purposes. For example, for the general lighting, the CLS Emerald Series has been selected. These are incorporated in the ceiling, at approximately 7 meters high, and serve as ambient lighting. Great pendulum spheres are suspended as decorative lighting.

The Emerald is a new fixture from CLS that fits perfectly here. Due to the large beam angle combined with high light output, the room is fully lit with only a few Emeralds. The Emerald series is available in four different light intensities and is ideal for offices, hallways, atriums, theatres, etc. This beautiful luxury design can be used in ceiling openings of 140 to 250 mm. A fantastic fixture, completely produced in The Netherlands using only high quality components at a very competitive price.

To provide the chapel with different atmospheres, the Revo ColourFlow is applied. The Revo ColourFlow is a highly compact colour changing fixture with powerful light output. The fixture is available in a RGBW or RGBA version and with simple interchangeable lenses a beam angle of 8º to 80º and 12 x 46º is possible. The results are amazing.

Used fixturesRevo ColourFlow DMX
Led colour(s)RGBW
Control methodDMX
Project byHVR Show Equipment
Project for'T Zicht

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