Zin in breien

Most traditional knitting shops seem a bit dusty and cluttered. This one however, is set up in a very modern and beautiful way by architect Frank Loor which was responsible for the whole interior. It is clear that he chose for a modern approach that fits the name and vision of the store.

For the lighting Frank went to look for a good fixture that pricewise matched the budget very well, without losing any quality. Bringing out the colours of the wool was one of the key demands. With that in mind the Sapphire fixture was chosen which offers a high light output together with a choice of LED’s with a very CRI 93 value to bring out the colours perfectly. To blend in with the interior, blanc heat sinks and white covers were chosen.

Used fixturesRevo Compact Basic, Sapphire (replaced by Jade Series)
Led colour(s)CRI 93
Project byFrank Loor
Project forZin in breien

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