Porsche Centre Gelderland

Porsche Centre Gelderland is the largest Porsche dealer in the Netherlands. One of the reasons for its success is the huge offer of new as well as used Porsches. Even the most exclusive models like for example the new 918, can be seen in several variants, and can be delivered quickly. From everywhere in the Netherlands Porsche fans find their way to Porsche Centre Gelderland.

Another reason why so many people find their way to Porsche Center Gelderland, is the owners’ Mark Wegh drive for perfection. As the CEO of a 60-employee company, he is 24/7 available for his customers, who all have his personal number.

Porsche Centre Gelderland has had special offers for the adaptation of the lights of almost all the leading brands. After several tests it occurred that Sapphire fixtures from CLS had the best test results. The LED module with a 4000K colour temperature in combination with high CRI values, happened to be a huge improvement compared to the old CDMT lights.

The wonderful sport cars literally shine now, because of the illumination. Furthermore, its energy conservation is over 45%, and they don’t have to change the valuable light source within the first 5-8 years.

CLS and its partners like to advice their retailers worldwide how they can make their products even more appealing to their costumers.

Used fixturesSapphire (replaced by Jade Series)
Led colour(s)4000K
Project forPorsche Centrum Gelderland

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