CLS fixtures are increasingly being used in luxury residential projects worldwide.
Dozens of luxury villa projects in among others Portugal and the Middle East are equipped with high-quality CLS LED lighting for both interior and exterior. In this newsletter, attention is given to a project in Twickenham London.

On the inside, the beautiful villa is equipped with Luxo 3 CoB built-in fixtures and special floor fixtures in the form of custom-made Revo Micro Inground fixtures.

The outdoor walls are equipped with HYLO Up & Down fixtures, designed in black. The HYLO offers designers the ability to configure the fixture themselves by means of the CLS online configurator, so one can choose different colours and optics for the bottom and the top. In total, more than 400 configurations are possible.

In the garden, the Revo Basic fixtures are used. Again, the modular character proved to be of great use, as the optical lenses were modified on the spot in order to create an optimal light image.

Used fixturesRevo Micro Inground, Hylo, Revo Basic, Luxo 3 CoB
Project byVentola projects

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